Arizona Man’s “Price is Right” Mishap Goes Viral in Canada


An Arizona man who appeared on CBS’s “Price is Right” is receiving unexpected attention after a viral mishap on the show. Phillip Fitzpatrick bid way over the cost of a vacation to the Canadian city of New Westminster, leading to his loss on the game show. However, the city saw the clip and extended an invitation for him to come visit anyway.

Fitzpatrick, a longtime fan of the show, was called to “come on down” in August and ended up bidding nearly $3,000 more than the actual value of the trip. Despite not winning, his mistake gained attention on social media, prompting the tourism team from New Westminster to start a hashtag campaign, #SearchForPhillip. Fitzpatrick, who does not have social media, learned about the movement through a friend and initially had doubts about its legitimacy.

After contacting the Price is Right show, Fitzpatrick was surprised to learn that the offer from New Westminster was indeed genuine. He expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s been a lot of fun. My friends and family are going nuts!” As part of his visit, Fitzpatrick is scheduled to have lunch with the mayor and participate in a few other events.

The quirky turn of events has certainly made for an exciting experience for Fitzpatrick, who is now looking forward to his unexpected trip to New Westminster, thanks to his memorable appearance on “Price is Right.”


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