New Era Begins as Democrat Katie Hobbs Takes Office as Arizona Governor

In a historic moment for Arizona, Democrat Katie Hobbs was officially sworn in as the state’s 24th governor on January 2, 2023, marking the first time a Democrat has held the office since 2009. Hobbs, a former state senator and secretary of state, campaigned on a platform of improving education, healthcare, and the economy, and she pledged to work for all Arizonans, regardless of their political affiliation.

A New Chapter for Arizona

In her inaugural address, Hobbs acknowledged the challenges facing Arizona, including a shortage of affordable housing, a struggling education system, and a changing climate. However, she expressed optimism about the state’s future, saying that Arizona has the potential to be “a place where everyone can thrive.”

“We are a state that is full of potential,” Hobbs said. “We have the resources, the talent, and the grit to make Arizona a place where everyone can thrive.”

Hobbs also outlined her priorities for her first term in office, which include:

  • Investing in education and workforce development.
  • Expanding access to affordable healthcare.
  • Protecting the environment and addressing climate change.
  • Supporting small businesses and creating jobs.
  • Ensuring equal justice for all Arizonans.

A Commitment to Unity

Hobbs called for unity among Arizonans, saying that the state’s challenges can only be overcome if people work together.

“We can’t afford to let partisan politics divide us,” Hobbs said. “We have to come together as Arizonans to solve the problems we face.

Hobbs’ inauguration marks the beginning of a new chapter for Arizona. Her leadership and commitment to addressing the state’s challenges will undoubtedly shape the state’s future.

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