Northern Arizona Healthcare Addresses Patient Care Concerns at Public Forum Ahead of Flagstaff Vote

Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) executives and board members held a packed public forum in Flagstaff on Tuesday to address concerns about the quality of patient care at the hospital system. The forum comes ahead of a crucial vote in November where Flagstaff voters will decide whether to approve a special tax assessment to support NAH.

At the forum, NAH officials acknowledged recent challenges in patient care, including staffing shortages and long wait times. They attributed these challenges to a nationwide healthcare worker shortage and the rising costs of providing care.

Despite these challenges, NAH executives emphasized their commitment to providing high-quality care to Flagstaff residents. They outlined several initiatives aimed at improving patient care, including recruiting and retaining healthcare workers, expanding access to care, and investing in new technology.

Many community members expressed their concerns about the quality of care at NAH. They shared stories of long wait times, difficulty scheduling appointments, and frustration with communication from the hospital system.

NAH officials listened to these concerns and promised to take them seriously. They acknowledged that there is more work to be done to improve patient care and pledged to continue working to make NAH the best healthcare system it can be.

The forum comes as Flagstaff voters prepare to vote on a special tax assessment to support NAH. The assessment would provide $150 million in funding over the next five years to help the hospital system address its challenges and improve patient care.

Proponents of the tax assessment argue that it is necessary to ensure that NAH can continue to provide high-quality care to the Flagstaff community. They say that the investment will allow the hospital system to recruit and retain healthcare workers, expand access to care, and invest in new technology.

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Opponents of the tax assessment argue that it is an unfair burden on Flagstaff taxpayers. They say that NAH should find other ways to address its funding challenges, such as by raising fees or reducing expenses.

The vote on the special tax assessment will be held on November 8th. The outcome of the vote will have a significant impact on the future of NAH and the healthcare of Flagstaff residents.

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